Admissions through JEE (Main) Score

About Admissions through JEE (Main) Score

The JEE Mode of admissions is for the following 4-year programmes at the institute:
[CSE] B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering
[ECE] B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Admissions Requirement

  • Application via our admissions portal.
  • Reporting your percentiles in JEE (Main) 2022
  • Completed Class 12 or equivalent qualifying examination with Maths, Physics and Chemistry by July 2022.
Application portal opens: 23rd July 2022
Application portal closes: 01st September 2022,5:00PM IST
Application Fee: Rs.2,000/- (Non-Refundable)

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must have appeared for JEE (Main) in 2022. The total percentile in this exam is mandatory for application to this mode of admission.
For candidates who attempt JEE Main exam more than once in 2022 (as there are 2 sessions), the best percentile of the attempts will be considered. Ties among applicants in the total percentile are resolved by considering first the Maths, then the Physics and then the Chemistry percentiles from the corresponding examination before ranking all applicants.
Any ties at the subjects level among applicants will be handled by assigning the same rank to the applicants who will then be treated on par. Class XII marks have no bearing on the ranking and seat allotment.


IIITH values diversity among its student population and strives to increase the same. Continuing the successful initiative started in recent years, the Institute targets at least 25% of the students admitted in the JEE mode to be girls.
Institute is taking many efforts to improve gender diversity. One such effort is in reducing the application fee (INR 750 to cover operating costs) for female applicants. The fee for all other applicants is Rs 2000. More information on these efforts can be found in the gender diversity page.

Seat Allotment

The key points of the seat allotment process are described below:
  • The JEE mode has 100 seats sanctioned for B.Tech in CSE programme and 70 seats sanctioned for B.Tech in ECE programme. These will be divided into two Pools: 75% of total seats will be assigned to the Common Pool and 25% of seats will be assigned to the Diversity Pool.
  • While all applicants are eligible for seats in the Common Pool, only Female applicants whose JEE (Main) score is in the top 1% percentile are eligible for the Diversity Pool.
  • A single rank list of all the applicants in the JEE mode will be used for seat allotment.
  • During seat allotment, the Diversity Pool will be filled first. Only after these seats are exhausted will a female applicant be considered for an available seat in the Common Pool.
Programme Sanctioned number of seats Number of seats in the Common Pool Number of seats in the Diversity Pool
CSE 100 75 25
ECE 70 52 18
Total 170 127 43

Financial Assistance

IIIT Hyderabad provides a safe and supportive environment to enable students to realize their full potential. Financial assistance will be available in the form of repayable loan.
For more details, please Click here.

Preference Selection

The key points of the seat allotment process are described below:
(Please read CAREFULLY)
  • Include only those programmes (in the branch preference list) in which you are seriously interested.
  • If you are really keen on only 1 branch or programme, you should list it as your first and only preference.
  • No sliding is permitted after the last round of allotments
Updated on July 2022