Undergraduate Entrance Examination (UGEE)

UGEE Admission Procedure

Applicants who applied for admission via the UGEE mode appear for an exam and are shortlisted for interviews based on the exam performance. The qualified applicants (found suitable in the interview) are ranked based on their interview performance, as judged by the interview panel.

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Rounds of seat-allotment:

  • The seat-allotment process has multiple rounds.
  • Only qualified applicants are eligible for seat allotment.
  • In each round, an applicant has a deadline to accept by paying the requisite fees or decline the allotted seat; an applicant can lock the seat if satisfied with the allotted programme.
  • If an applicant did not accept and pay for an allotted seat by the deadline, the seat will be treated as declined by the candidate.
  • If no seat is allotted to an applicant in a Round, the applicant can continue to the next round. However, an applicant has to give consent to participate in the next round. A one-time payment (Rs 10,000 for seat allocation and Rs 10,000 as an advance towards tuition fee) is required for continuation to the second and further rounds.

Tuition Fee for Dual Degree Programmes:

  • INR 4,00,000 for the academic year 2024-25.
  • Hostel and Mess fees are extra; these charges will be on par with the other students at the institute.
  • Payment of Initial Fee:
    • Candidates who have been allotted a seat should confirm the acceptance of the seat by paying the tuition fee for one semester, on or before the acceptance dates announced with the seat allotment.
    • The Admission fee of INR 10,000 (non-refundable) and the first-semester tuition fee of INR 2,00,000 should be paid online through the payment portal.

One Seat Allotment Policy:

  • A candidate is allowed to apply for multiple modes of admission to IIIT and choose multiple programme preferences, but will be allowed to accept, pay for and hold one seat only in one of the admission modes, of one of the programmes.
  • Seat Acceptance across Modes: If a candidate gets a seat in one admission mode 𝑋 (e.g. UGEE), accepts and pays for it and later gets a seat in a different mode 𝑌 (e.g. JEE), then s/he can accept and pay for the latter seat only after giving up/cancelling the earlier accepted seat in mode 𝑋. The candidate will then no longer be eligible for further rounds of mode 𝑋, but can participate in further rounds of mode 𝑌, if any.
  • Seat Acceptance across Institutes: A candidate may apply across multiple institutes. However, we strongly discourage candidates to accept, pay and hold onto multiple seats, as the timely opportunity of those seats becomes unavailable to others. Candidates are encouraged to accept and pay for a seat at one institute only after cancelling the seat being held at another institute, if any.

The counseling procedure, seat acceptance, cancellation and refund policies are based on the above understanding.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Applicants can cancel their seat allotment at any time before reporting to the institute by selecting the cancel seat option in the application portal. Applicable refund will be made depending on the date of cancellation, round of seat allotment, and evidence of holding only one seat. For this, the applicant needs to upload a copy of a valid admission offer letter from another institute with a date later than the offer that is being cancelled. Refund amount details for each round are listed in the table below. Cancellations/refund requests before 1st July 2024 will be completed by 20th July 2024. All other applicable refunds will be completed by 21st August 2024.

Round and Refund Schedule:

Round Number Announcement Accept by Cancel by Refund Amount
[with valid offer letter]
Refund Amount
[without  offer letter]
R1 20th June 2024 28th June 2024 28th June 2024 100% (2,00,000) 100% (2,00,000)
5th July 2024 100%-20K (1,80,000) 60000
11th July 2024 100%-40K (1,60,000) 40000
18th July 2024 100%-60K (1,40,000) 20000
24th July 2024 10000 10000
R2 1st July 2024 5th July 2024 5th July 2024 100% (2,00,000) 100% (2,00,000)
11th July 2024 100%-20K (1,80,000) 60000
18th July 2024 100%-40K (1,60,000) 40000
24th July 2024 10000 10000
R3 15th 12thJuly 2024 18th July 2024 18th July 2024 100% (1,80,000) 100% (1,80,000)
22nd July 2024 100%-20K (1,60,000) 60000
24th July 2024 10000 10000
24th July 2024 10000 10000
The cancellation deadlines for the round when an applicant was offered a seat for the first time and accepted will determine the refund amount in case of seat cancellation. This is regardless of whether (a) the seat offered and accepted for the first time was in a programme of highest preference of the applicant or, (b) there was an upgrade in a later round, to a seat in a programme of higher preference of the applicant.


Refund Illustration:
1. Suppose an applicant’s program preferences are [A, B, C] in that order.
2. Suppose the applicant did not get a seat in Round 1.
3. Suppose the applicant gets a seat in Program B in Round 2 and accepts it. Then, cancellations dates and refund amounts of Round 2 will apply to the applicant.
4. Suppose the applicant gets an upgrade offer to Program A in Round 3 and accepts it. Still, the cancellations dates and refund amounts of Round 2 will continue to apply to the applicant.
5. In case the applicant cancels the seat, the refund amount is as mentioned for Round 2 (and not Round 3), as on the date of cancellation.
  • The number of Rounds of admission that will be conducted is subject to the availability of seats.
  • All deadlines are at 5.00 PM Indian Standard Time of the announced date.
  • All refunds are repayable by end of 21st August 2024
  • Seat allocation is final after the last round. No upgrading is permitted even if there are unfilled seats.
  • The institute reserves the right to conduct different rounds of seat allocation based on the available seats and the number of acceptances after a round.
  • If a candidate fails to meet the eligibility criteria by securing less than specified minimum in Class 12, the candidate becomes ineligible, and his/her admission will be canceled.
  • If an applicant accepts a UGEE seat now and later gets a seat in JEE mode, they can accept it only after relinquishing the earlier accepted UGEE mode seat. Further, they will have to accept the first instance the seat is offered in the JEE mode regardless of it not being their highest preference programme.
Updated in July 2024