Instructions on Programme Preferences

Programme Preferences

Note: You must select your programme preference order when filling the application form.

    • When you select a programme preference, you express your intent to join the programme, if offered during seat-allotment.
    • Select only those programmes in which you are seriously interested to join. If you are really keen on only 1 branch or programme, you should list it as your first and only preference. You will continue to remain in the seat-allotment process till the last round to be offered your preferred seat, if available, based on rank-order.
    • Avoid selecting a programme that you are not interested to join. Otherwise, if offered, you will have to accept it (or) exit from the admission process. If you accept, in later seat-allotment rounds, you may or may not slide to a higher preferred programme, as it depends on availability. Selecting a programme that you are not keen on joining also robs the chance of another applicant genuinely serious in that programme.
    • No sliding is permitted after the last round of allotment.
    • You can change your preferences until the last date of application.