IIITH believes that diversity has a positive impact on education, leading to better learning outcomes. This admissions season, we are working towards achieving greater gender diversity among our student body. To this end, we have a special pool for JEE 2020.

Gender Diversity Pool 2020

IIITH considers better gender representation essential to better engineering.

We invite applications to our BTech programs (CSE and ECE) from talented young women who are passionate about their future and interested in an interdisciplinary education that equips them for a variety of careers.  We are targeting at least 25% intake of women students through the JEE mode in 2020.

The JEE Gender Diversity pool represents our mission to include women and their worldviews in engineering. At IIITH, we take pride in creating world-class engineers with successful careers in industry, academics, and the civil services. We hope to see more women among them.

Round 2 Results Announced
Special measures for women applicants:
  • Application fee for women applying through the JEE mode is INR 500, which is voluntary.

  • 25% waiver on tuition for all women students admitted through the JEE mode in 2020 for the four years of their BTech program.

  • Merit scholarships will be available for women students admitted through the JEE mode in 2020 at the beginning of their second year in the BTech program.
To apply, visit: http://ugadmissions.iiit.ac.in/jee_page.html

Situated in the heart of Gachibowli, home to Hyderabad’s IT, Finance, and Knowledge Corridors, we offer a holistic professional education and safe environment to empower our women engineers to thrive and grow. A vibrant community of students from all over India and six other countries come to study at our institute. We are well connected by road, rail, and air transport, with the nearest railway station situated only ten minutes away. There are several super-specialty hospitals in close proximity, and more are coming up.

We have a large, lush 66-acre residential campus with a single point of entry and exit to ensure better security for all residents. Students, faculty, hostel wardens, and hostel in-charges live on campus. Security guards are stationed at the main gate, the administrative and academic buildings, and all the hostels.

“IIITH is committed to ensuring a well-rounded education and safe environment, where women students can thrive and are unafraid to chase their dreams.”
Prof. P J Narayanan
Director IIITH
“Our education provides students access to incredible opportunities, be it jobs, admission in reputed universities for higher studies, or grounding to become an entrepreneur. This is very empowering for young women!”
Prof. Jayanthi Sivaswamy
Dean-Academics, IIITH
“The JEE Diversity pool was introduced to get a proper representation of women students. We value gender diversity because it leads to new ideas and better solutions.”
Prof. Dipti Misra Sarma
Chair, Diversity Committee
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