1. How do I apply for admission through the Diversity pool?

  • The Diversity pool is part of the JEE mode admission. All qualifying women students applying through the JEE mode will automatically be considered for the diversity pool. Application fee for women applying through the JEE mode is INR 500, which is voluntary.
  • To apply through JEE portal, visit http://ugadmissions.iiit.ac.in/jee_page.html
  2. Why should I join IIITH?
  3. What are the different modes of admission to IIITH for UG programs?
  4. Can I apply through more than one mode of admission?
  • Yes
  5. How much is the application fee?
  • Application fee for JEE mode for women in 2020 is INR 500, which is voluntary.
  6. What are the stipulated number of seats offered through the Diversity pool?
  • 25 CSE and 15 ECE seats will be available for women students through the Diversity Pool.
  7. Is financial aid available for students applying through the Diversity pool?
  • IIITH is offering a 25% waiver on tuition for all women students admitted through the JEE mode in 2020 for the four years of their BTech program.
  • Merit scholarships will be available for women students admitted through the JEE mode in 2020 at the beginning of their second year in the BTech program.
  • Application fee for JEE mode for women students in 2020 is INR 500, which is voluntary.
  • For more forms of financial assistance, visit – https://www.iiit.ac.in/admissions/undergraduate/assistance/
  8. Where is IIITH located?
  • IIITH is located in Gachibowli, home to Hyderabad’s IT, Finance, and Knowledge Corridors.
  • It is well connected by road, rail, and air transport. The nearest railway station is just ten minutes away.

  9. How safe is the IIITH campus?
  • IIITH has a large, 66-acre residential campus. It has a single point of entry and exit for all campus residents.
  • Security guards are stationed at the main gate, the administrative and academic buildings, and all the hostels on campus. Faculty, wardens, and hostel-in-charge live on campus.
  10. What kind of accommodation is available on campus?
  • IIITH is a residential institute, so it is compulsory for all students to stay on campus.
  • IIITH has separate hostels for women and men.
  • Each UG student gets a room on a double-sharing basis with common washrooms on each floor.
  11. Does furniture come with the room?
  • Each student gets a single cot, desk, chair, cupboard space, and built-in shelf for books. The rooms come equipped with
    mosquito netting and curtains for the windows.
  12. What are the facilities inside the hostel?
  • The UG hostels have common washrooms on each floor with western and Indian toilets, bathing stalls, large wall mirrors, and sinks. Geysers, solar water heaters, and sanitary pad incinerators are present on each floor.
  • Washing machines and drying racks are available for use in the hostels.
  • Hot plates are provided in common spaces to prepare light snacks.
  13. What kind of common spaces are there in the hostel premises?
  • Common study, sports, and recreational spaces are available in the hostels and campus.
  • The women’s hostel premises also contain an indoor gym and a badminton court in the backyard.
  14. What are the dining facilities on campus?
  • IIITH has three vegetarian messes and one non-vegetarian mess. Students can choose to dine at any mess.
  • There are canteens that serve snacks and beverages throughout the day and late into the evening.
  15. What are the healthcare arrangements on campus?
  • IIITH Aarogya Centre offers medical attention through out-patient services by consulting allopathic, homeopathic, and Ayurvedic doctors.
  • IIITH also has clinical psychologists (counselors) who visit campus regularly.
  • IIITH has memoranda of understanding (MoUs) with major, super-specialty hospitals in close proximity.
  16. What about ragging at IIITH?
  • IIITH has a no-tolerance policy for ragging.
  • IIITH has an Apex body of student mentors, who work under faculty supervision and help new students adapt to campus life.
  For more FAQs, visit – https://www.iiit.ac.in/admissions/undergraduate/faqs/
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