Undergraduate Engineering Entrance Examination (UGEE)
UGEE Admission Procedure
Applicants who applied for admission via the UGEE mode appear for an exam and are shortlisted for interviews based on the exam performance. The qualified applicants (found suitable in the interview) are ranked based on their interview performance, as judged by the interview panel.

Seats are allocated to applicants, as per rank, in multiple rounds. In each round, an applicant is allocated a seat in a programme, as per rank and preference.
Rounds of admission:
  • The admission process has multiple rounds.
  • Only qualified applicants are eligible for seat allotment.
  • In each round, an applicant has a deadline to accept by paying the requisite fees or decline the allotted seat; an applicant can lock the seat, if satisfied with the allotted programme.
  • If an applicant did not accept and pay for an allotted seat by the deadline, the seat will be treated as declined by the candidate.
  • If no seat is allotted to an applicant in a Round, the applicant can continue to the next round. However, an applicant has to give consent to participate in the next round. A one-time payment (Rs 10,000 for seat allocation and Rs 10,000 as advance towards tuition fee) is required for continuation to the second and further rounds.
The flowchart below explains the process that an applicant is to follow in every round.
The following table lists the important dates for the different Rounds of admission in UGEE mode and the deadlines for seat acceptance and cancellation. The amount that will be refunded from the payment towards tuition fee is also listed.
Round number Seat allocation Deadlines Tuition fee
Seat acceptance Seat cancellation Refund amount (Rupees)
1 11 June 2019

22 June 2019

22 June2019 1,40,000
      26 June 2019 1,20,000
      6 July 2019 99,000
      9 July 2019 78,000
      After 9th July No refund
2 25 June 2019 29 June 2019 30 June 2019 1,40,000
      6 July 2019 1,20,000
      9 July 2019 99,000
      After 9th July No refund
3 2 July 2019 6 July 2019 7 July 2019 1,40,000
      9 July 2019 1,20,000
      After 9th July No refund
4 9 July 2019 13 July 2019 15 July 2019 1,30,000
      After 15th July No refund


  1. Conduct of Rounds 3 and 4 of admission is subject to the availability of seats.
  2. All deadlines are at 5.00 PM Indian Standard Time of the announced date.
  3. All refunds are repayable by 30 September 2019, after the completion of the admission process.
  4. Seat allocation is final after the last round. No upgrading is permitted even if there are unfilled seats.
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